Rob’s Soapbox

You’re Just Lifing

October 14, 2018

I am no millennial basher. I’m married to a millennial, and, as I often point out, someone had to raise […]

Celebrity Slightings

October 8, 2018

It is really fantastic to live in a country that has so few real problems that the biggest story of […]

This Is How It All Ends

September 30, 2018

For decades it has been posited that America, like all great empires before it (most notably the Roman Empire) will […]

Everyone Is Missing The Point

September 23, 2018

This week, we will witness a spectacle unlike any before in history; comparisons to anything prior are dishonest on their […]

Even Science Knows Hope Leads To Despair

September 3, 2018

Yes, yes, yes…I know; I’m the guy who is always reminding you of the fact that science is far from […]

The Victim Games Bracket

August 27, 2018

Perhaps no word defines America in 2018 more so than “victim.” In the greatest nation on Earth in the history […]