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Trump And His Choice of Vice President

An excerpt from Rob’s Soapbox – Trump And His Choice of Vice President:

Just enjoying a nice day here at Williams Manor.  But I suppose it’s “Soapbox” time. And lucky for you, ahhhh, lucky for all of us. It’s election year.So here we go again.

Now, what a lot of people are talking about as of this recording is who will President Trump pick as his Vice Presidential candidate? And the other thing is, will Joe Biden, President Biden, stay in the race?

I don’t see how that doesn’t happen unless something HUGE happens between now and the Democratic National Convention, which is the only place where they could pick a new a new person to run for president. It’s going to be Biden and it’s going to be Kamala Harris.
By the way, something huge would be like a MAJOR illness on Biden’s part.  A major coup in the Democratic Party.

I just don’t see it happening as much as people keep talking about it.   And part of the issue is the Democratic Party, well, and the Republicans too, really splintered.  Half the Democratic Party genuinely believes Biden can beat Trump.  The other half is scared to death. But I think it’ll be Biden and Kamala, which kind of brings us to the point of the “Soapbox.”  Who will Trump pick as his Vice Presidential candidate?

Hey, news flash, America.

First of all, it almost never matters.

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