The Shortest And Most Honest Soapbox Ever

I had a topic for this week’s soapbox; body shaming/imaging and the hypocrisy that surrounds said subject. Maybe next week.

We spent Saturday evening at Pottery world in Rocklin with 300 of the most amazing maggot listeners; and the stories, emotions, and feels were off the chart. It was the best and hardest four hours of non-work of my career. (Because I’ve never claimed that I have a real job).

I’ve always marveled at how therapists go from client to client dealing with their various stories, one after another…until my therapist told me she has her own therapist to help her with that. I love irony.

Saturday was an endless parade of amazing people with stunning stories of love, gratitude, appreciation, and so much more. It filled me with both joy and motivation to do exactly as I promised to so many…keep working…and so I will, but not today. I have never been so grateful to be so exhausted emotionally (which, apparently, at my age, translates to physical exhaustion as well).

I am resting today so I can be there tomorrow…and the next day…and the next year…and so on.

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