Dawn’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Needed Daily Reminders

January 10, 2021

While the world keeps spinning in chaos, lets try and remember to choose happiness, choose joy and choose to see […]

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2021

Mike Rowe is absolutely THEEE best!! I freaking love him!! He posted this on his Instagram page answering the question […]

Taya Kyle Inspiration

December 6, 2020

I follow @tayakyle on Instagram and she usually has some pretty inspirational postings like this one from Sunday… I just […]

10 Uncertainty Quotes

November 29, 2020

It didn’t take Covid and 2020 that made life uncertain. Life has always been uncertain whether we have realized that […]

Kyle Carpenter

November 22, 2020

As we get ready to give Thanks this week I thought man what a great video to share of Thankfulness. […]

Quotes To Live By!!

November 15, 2020

Put these on your phone, your fridge, your bathroom mirror! Wherever you will see them on a daily basis!! There […]