Rob’s Concocktion – Energy & Libido Booster

Many of you have asked about my supplement regiment that I credit with providing me more energy overall, but also an increased and very alive libido at the ripe old age of VERY old….(insert old man voice here)…”I’m a Gen X-er and remember a time where porn came from magazines and there was no internet or cell phones and the remote control was the youngest child in the house….ehhh….I need Sanka.”

Anywhom, my testosterone is normal and my wife is 20 years younger than me and hotter than Dante’s inferno, so why wasn’t I up for mattress polo constantly? And what were my options? Doctors always say the say dopey things “exercise, better diet, worse life…blah blah blah.”

To the Google cave! After much research I found a “COCKtail,” that was mostly revered for its’ success, but also not endorsed in any way by the FDA  and also came with plenty of guys who said “tried it, didn’t work.” In my case, when I added these supplements I felt an almost immediate positive effect and difference in my overall energy, libido, and shall we say, rigidity during performance. (side note for those of you that are fans of what emerges from a man when he reaches climax, this combo is renowned and, in my case, confirmed, to greatly increase the volume…giggity…or not, depending on what you’re into).

Please also bear in mind that I take various basic vitamins every day and the key may be the interaction with my Vitamin C, B12, and D3 that I was already taking. Who knows? PLEASE do your own research! I am not recommending this combo, I can only tell you that I am personally certain that it did wonders for me as follows:


1000 mg L-Lysine

1000 mg L-Arginine

800 mcg Folic Acid

50 mg Zinc

That’s the combo I use; as you’ll see online, there are tons of other possible combos and supplements that may work for you. You’ll also notice other potential amazing health benefits to many of these supplements and many potential concerns depending on your physical health…again, please do your research! I have no specific brand names to recommend as I have noticed no difference between what I get at a drug store or from Amazon. Good luck and hard times!

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