Your Partisan Is Showing (Or Maybe It’s Your Stupid)

Last week, as we were getting people up to speed on all things politics, we discussed inflation, the cost of eggs, and crime. Then, we had the audacity to report that Donald Trump has disgustingly vowed to sic the FBI on Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton if he’s re-elected president, while also discussing the lunacy of Climate Change morons claiming that the worst drought in 1200 years is the result of humans and fossil fuels, while at the same time admitting they have no idea what cause the devastating drought of 800…HUH? If you don’t know what caused the worst drought in history, how can you claim to know what is absolutely causing this one?

I closed by pointing out that the extreme fringes of both sides are driving this entire nation into the proverbial ditch.

And then came this asinine email from a listener:

“I’m quite confused as to how you can compare the damaging of fellow Americans (Trump saying he will have federal agents raid past presidents just because) to climate change; a discussion which harms no one.”

Holy shit.

The easy, lazy conclusion to jump to is that the letter writer is a hard-core partisan, left-wing, progressive Democratic whacko who just needs to lash out at anyone who dares to question the dogma of their political party, even though the previous 10 minutes were spent affirming everything they believe as it relates to former President Trump. Unfortunately, the more thoughtful possibility is that the letter writer is just a total uninformed moron who is literally unaware that climate change is far more than a “discussion,” and has already had devastating effects on millions of people. If the latter is true, it demonstrates simultaneously both the greatness and weakness of America; any idiot can chime in on the public debate, but most shouldn’t.

This absurd if this, then that, world that we live in is too easy to fall prey to:

If you favor the second amendment, you’re a right-wing, tiki torch-carrying racist whacko.

If you’re pro-LGBTQ, you’re a left-wing, snowflake, socialist whacko.

If you believe that Covid is merely something to be lived with and it’s way past time to move beyond masks, you’re a right-wing, tiki torch-carrying racist whacko.

If you believe that Donald Trump should never be anywhere near the White House ever again, you’re a left-wing, snowflake, socialist whacko

And yet, I am all of those things and so many more conundrums born of independent thought and yet still get emails like the aforementioned.

So here is my response: If you’re just a left-wing whacko who refuses to consider anything other than the alleged fact that humans are destroying the planet then I direct you to self-identifying liberal George Carlin and his prescient take on the environment and saving the planet.

If you’re actually misinformed and believe that climate change is just a “discussion” allow me to educate you on the fact that millions of Americans have already lost their jobs and tens of millions more are in line to lose theirs as this march continues…there’s nothing hypothetical about this “discussion,” it’s destruction. Farmers, miners, drillers and so many more are losing their job, lives, careers, and identities all over speculations and computer models that prove absolutely nothing!

Yes, Trump is a moron who should never be near the presidency again…and those obsessing over believing humans are killing the planet should be in the same cell with him. Grow the fuck up.


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