Rob’s Soapbox

When RADvertisers Disappear

October 20, 2019

I met a stand-up comedian Saturday night; he’s a hard-working grind-it-out performer who spends more than half of the year […]

Bring On Hillary? Or…

October 14, 2019

The time is nigh. The Democratic party is floundering; and for good reason. To properly analyze this, we must accept […]

Plant Based Cruelty To Animals

October 6, 2019

There are many legitimate reasons to despise the Human Race. In my opinion, none is more glaring than our innate […]

Dumbing Down Impeachment

September 29, 2019

It is amazing how powerful words are. If a woman says to her friend “he cheated on me,” the friend […]

Consequences Do Not A Black Ball Make

September 22, 2019

By the time you read this, Colin Kaepernick may very well be an NFL quarterback again. As of this writing, […]

I Was Riiiiiggggghhhhhtttt

September 15, 2019

Well that didn’t take long. In January, right here in this space, I bemoaned President Trump using The National Emergency […]