Episode 175 – RAD Prodcast – A Haunting at Von Zeplin Manor with SPIRIT & Sircles – Part 1

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This week marks the 4 year anniversary for the RAD Prodcast.  Thank you for all of your support in what seems to be a companion piece to my life in many ways.  With all of the ups and downs that have occurred in the last 4 years, I can honestly call the Prodcast a mainstay in my evolution as a human but also as a broadcaster.  It’s because of the amazing team I’m surrounded by that I’m even able to do what I do today, but I would be remiss if I did not recognize all of the love and support that you have provided as this platform has been a raw glimpse at my evolution.  I will forever be grateful for the moments of growth and evolution you’ve shared with me, and by sharing pieces of myself through these now 175 episodes of the Prodcast, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have helped someone in some way.  Even if that means a moment of positivity or a light to guide you of a dark place.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’ve embarked on an ambitious journey with Erik Carlson, the Sircles Squad Manager and my friends and family at Sac SPIRIT to bring to you a 3-episode event.

Rennzo Von Zeplin is a hair stylist/barber in the Sacramento region, and is the owner and operator of Von Zeplin Ultra Salon in Rancho Cordova

Erik Carlson, who I mentioned is the Sircles Squad Manager

Just as a reminder, Sircles (with an S) provides a fun and intuitive way to find the entertainment and places your friends love– Squad Manager, connected with Von Zeplin on a Sircles scouting mission and a mysterious opportunity arose.  You cand download the app from your app store by searching for Sircles (with an S) or by visiting

This mystery turned out to be a massive opportunity to collaborate with the Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team (AKA SacSpirit at to investigate the paranormal activity occurring at Rennzo Residence, Von Zeplin Manor, which happens to be a 105-year-old house nestled in the foothills of California, right in the epicenter of California history that helped shape the country we live in today.

Melissa & Brent, paranormal investigators and now newlyweds, from were enlisted to help get some answers to the paranormal activity at Von Zeplin Manor and that investigation will be covered in the following two episodes.

The RAD Prodcast presents … A Haunting At Von Zeplin Manor with SacSPIRIT and Sircles

Part 1 – I team up with Brent from SPIRIT along with Erik from Sircles to meet Rennzo at Von Zeplin Ultra Salon to get to know Rennzo and also discuss the paranormal activity that has been taking place at Von Zeplin Manor.  We also discuss how this house may have been trying to interfere with our team’s ability to actually allow the investigation to take place.  After some initial research is unearthed, the mystery only gets deeper.

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