Episode 176 – RAD Prodcast – A Haunting at Von Zeplin Manor with Sac SPIRIT & Sircles – Part 2

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The RAD Prodcast Presents “A Haunting at Von Zeplin Manor” a collaboration with Sircles & Sac SPIRIT

Sircles provides a fun and intuitive way to find the entertainment and places your friends l’ve–You cand download the app from your app store by searching for Sircles or by visiting

The Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive Research Investigation Team (AKA SacSpirit) are paranormal investigators who can be found online at

Part 2 – The Investigation Begins

On Saturday, October 23rd, I’m joined by Melissa & Brent from Sac SPIRIT, Erik Carlson, Squad Manager of Sircles, as well as Cozmo, the official artist of the RAD Radio show. Together we begin the investigation with an introduction from Melissa who knows nothing of the house and was in no way involved in the preliminary research or the interview with the homeowner, Rennzo Von Zeplin.

The episode will close with Brent sharing the history of the home and surrounding area to either confirm or validate Melissa’s intuitive abilities, during her cold walkthrough.

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