Episode 174 – RAD Prodcast – MAP Training with Greg Siewers

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Brandon & Kyle interview Greg Siewers, Owner and Operator of MAP Training, to welcome in the newest RADvertiser that will benefit those who are looking to start their journey into fitness or take their fitness journey to the next level.  MAP Training stands for Mixed Athletic Performance Training.  Everyone becomes bored with exercise over time, making it difficult to stay focused on their long term goals. MAP Training involves an extremely wide variety of training allowing athletes to dramatically change the workouts daily.  An example of the workouts include Kickboxing, kettlebell training, olympic lifting, circuit training, tabata training, sport specific training, free weight training, corrective exercise and more!

MAP Training also offers a custom built app that offers customized workouts and meal plans. The workouts are tutorial based. A user can click into a workout, see a short tutorial on each exercise, and follow along with built in timers during their workout. Meal plans are built to fit each individual’s food preferences, schedule and locational constraints using our own food library. The app includes the ability to track your progress through collective charts and link other popular fitness trackers such as Myfitnesspal and Apple watch. These plans are hand built by Greg with zero automation.  MAP Training offers this app as a subscription membership worldwide or as a free add-on for being a member at their Roseville gym, located at 325 Riverside Ave, Roseville, CA 95678

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