Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Rabbit Season! Duck Season!

August 1, 2021

It’s official…we’re living in a cartoon. There’s no other way to accurately describe it any longer. Just stay with me […]

So Much Science, So Little Knowledge

November 12, 2018

No need for the usual lecture; by now, you have either embraced the fact that so much of our alleged […]

Even Science Knows Hope Leads To Despair

September 3, 2018

Yes, yes, yes…I know; I’m the guy who is always reminding you of the fact that science is far from […]

The Traveler From Outer Space

June 6, 2018

Is time travel possible? Let’s find out from an actual time traveler.

I Am Now A Climate Change Believer

April 23, 2017

For years, I have argued against what used to be called Global Warming and is now called Climate Change for […]

Can We Just Stop

January 18, 2016

We have been discussing recently the art of breaking down the complex into the simple so that people can understand […]