The Ultimate Immigration Takedown

The Ultimate Immigration Takedown

We have a sourcing problem in America.

By that, I mean that in today’s polarized society, we immediately dismiss a story or opinion based solely on its’ source. I’ve done the study personally…we have posted on our Facebook page stories from the Associated Press (a clearing house for all media outlets) reprinted on multiple different media outlets. We can post the exact (literally) same story copied and pasted from the AP onto Fox News or MSNBC and, depending on which media outlet is credited (Fox or MSNBC) people will immediately dismiss or agree with the content of the article solely on the basis of it being reported by a certain news outlet with a certain slant, despite the fact that the article was written by none of them and is simply being reprinted.

With that said, I present to you, without sourcing, the most damning defense of why we must reform our immigration system immediately and why we must stop letting anyone and everyone in. It isn’t the 18th century anymore…asking for other countries’ tired and poor is no longer applicable or smart in a global country. As the greatest nation on Earth, we should be inviting and welcoming the best and the brightest from around the world. I’d rather have the smartest Indian come to America to be my doctor than the dumbest El Salvadoran come to America to clean my hotel room. It’s time to get smart and it’s time to treat immigration the same way we treat everything else in this country as beautifully illustrated as follows:

A new consensus has formed which, of course, the rest of us are now required to believe…every other country is great especially the poor and disorganized ones. And the immigrants those countries send here are uniformly more impressive than you are; every single one of them! They fight more wars, they pay more taxes, and they start more companies than your kids ever will, so shut up with your doubts or inconvenient questions.

The question is; do people really believe that? Do they really think that all standards are arbitrary and racist, and that everyone from everywhere is exactly the same level of Awesome? Well for an answer ignore what they say and take instead a close look at how they live. Do our elites send their own children to colleges with universal admittance policies where everybody gets in? Of course they don’t! Their kids go to Harvard and Stanford and Yale. Those are the most respected universities in the world precisely because they’re the most selective ones. Harvard’s acceptance rate is just a hair above 5% and they brag about how many high school valedictorians they reject now.

Harvard has countless professors who support open borders and fret about white privilege yet how many admissions officers do they have who will admit poorly educated Haitians who can’t speak English? Let’s see…none; not a single one. Harvard is famous and admired because it’s selective…in other words because it discriminates on the basis of achievement and ability. If Harvard chose its students the way America chooses its immigrants, elites wouldn’t send their kids there! The cachet would be gone along with the quality…the same, of course, goes for corporate America.

Does Facebook hire by a diversity lottery? Come on; would Google apply temporary protected status to its own workforce hiring and keeping thousands of people with no relevant skills simply because they’re from impoverished backgrounds? The people who run Google and Facebook care about their companies in the same way that people who run Harvard care about their school; the one thing none of them care about is America, which is why they’re demanding standards for our country they would never apply to themselves.  

If our country’s elites are to live by the standards they espouse…for example…America must give citizenship to 11 million undocumented immigrants…then Harvard ought to give free tuition to 1,100 undocumented students. If it’s okay to sneak into your city illegally and use the public services, then  why is it wrong to live in a dorm at Princeton without being enrolled?

Jeff Bezos thinks it’s immoral to send dreamers back to their own countries. Okay…why shouldn’t Bezos give a few thousand of them high paying corporate jobs at Amazon? Well of course he should immediately! The truth is our ruling class supports our current immigration policy because for them it’s all upside. They’re not standing in line in crowded emergency rooms or sending their kids to chaotic public schools or competing for jobs with people who will work for less.

Take a moment and try, just try, to formulate a logical, rational, reasonable rebuke to that. You can’t. Short of arguing that you are anti-Capitalism and Anti-American you have no argument against the points made above.

For those of you who need to know who said it to decide if it’s right or not, it comes from Tucker Carlson on Fox News. I agree with him sometimes, and vehemently disagree at other times. I don’t care who speaks, as long as they make sense and this is as good as it gets.

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