Why Trump Must Gag Win

The Having-To-Explain In Chief

Over the first year of the Donald Trump Presidency, many of his supporters have said that if he would just stop talking and tweeting, America would see he’s actually a pretty good president.

Now, one must cede immediately, that it was Trump’s talking and tweeting that got him elected in the first place and he’s not about to stop, especially since it’s the essence of who he is. With that said, his sane supporters have a point. While dyed-in-the-wool Liberals are not going to like anything trump does, he has accomplished some very popular, very mainstream positive things in a year.

  • Massive rollbacks of regulations that were tying the hands of American businesses (This is THE reason the economy has begun to boom under Trump)
  • Through rhetoric and enhanced techniques, illegal border crossings are down between 50-75%
  • Launched a massive street war against MS13 and other Mexican Cartel gangs with immediate results
  • Launched a massive overhaul of the VA…an institution that has a long way to go, but can’t get there if we don’t start and the VA has had a large boot placed in its ass in the last 12 months.
  • Most importantly, by turning over control to his generals and changing the rules of engagement, Trump has proven that when our soldiers are allowed to fight, they always win. ISIS has been all but decimated and has lost all of its territory in less than a year. They are now scattered about the world trying to find a plan to remain relevant.

Trump has also accomplished things that only those right-of-center and further right are happy with, a part of former President Obama’s famous refrain “elections have consequences.” While the following items are not as popular as the previous ones across the mainstream, this is what happens when one party wins. By definition, the other loses and must watch the winners accomplish things that make them wretch:

  • Replaced the most conservative judge on the Supreme Court (Antonin Scalia) with an equally conservative replacement (Neil Gorsuch) thus maintaining the balance of the court
  • Backed out of the Paris Accord Climate Change Deal under the guise it’s anti-American and essentially meaningless
  • Opened up areas across America for oil exploration, including ANWR and offshore areas.
  • Has sat more judges on federal court benches than any President in modern history in year one
  • Has fed more money to the Department of Defense and continues to push for more
  • Cancelled the Obama deal with Cuba
  • Passed a massive tax cut bill (that even many of supporters don’t like or understand but…)

Trump’s problem isn’t competency, it’s Trump. How many of the above, love or hate them, were you even aware of? There are many more to list and yet sadly, very little of it gets talked about because Trump gets in his own way CONSTANTLY.

The latest controversy to emanate from the mouth of Trump occurred last week during a meeting about immigration in which Trump, while referring to a basket of countries that include Haiti, El Salvador, the Sudan, North Africa, and others asked aloud “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here…Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out!” He later suggested that the U.S. should bring in more immigrants from countries like Norway.

While there was a lame attempt, two days later, by Trump himself, to suggest those weren’t the words he used, in the end it was glaringly apparent that this wasn’t, as his most loyal supporters always want to believe, a media-manufactured event. It happened. He said it. And if you step back for a moment, it’s completely believable. The man is not a saint on the issue of race and has a long history of such. No one of any substance is seriously questioning that he said it. Similarly, no one of any serious intelligence is suggesting that the leader of the Free World should speak so indelicately. This is where Trump’s mouth confounds his sane supporters. Why must he do this? What’s the point? Trump holds all of the public opinion cards on immigration…the country overwhelmingly supports building a wall, stopping chain migration, allowing the “dreamers” (children of illegals) to stay, and eliminating sanctuary cities. And yet, comments such as this make people back away from the president at a time he needs teamwork and allies.

Let’s step back; here’s what we’re told is what he meant: Basically, he was trying to convey to those in the meeting that America wants the worlds’ best and brightest, not its’ most wretched. Such a sentiment can be conveyed in a way that is not as vulgar. Comparing countries full of people of color to Norway, a country 95% Caucasian, didn’t help.

Which brings us to Trump’s history. We’re told by those closest to him that he is the furthest thing from a racist. I don’t claim to know the man, but I know that for 4 decades he’s been accused over and over again of racist acts, dating back to the 1970s when his company was sued twice by the Justice Department for refusing to rent property to African Americans.

So, as we try to explain away what he meant, the question ultimately has to come down to whether or not an accused, if not overt, racist can be the President in 2018? Let’s also look at the actual meaning of what he said. While snowflakes don’t like to hear such things, facts are facts and Haiti, El Salvador, and almost all of North Africa are shitholes. It’s not something that should be said aloud by the American President, but that doesn’t change the truth of it all. Ask any honest person if they’d rather live in Haiti or America, and 100% will say America. Even in Detroit for God’s sake!

The Norway comparison is inexplicable and lends credence to those who argue he’s a full-blown racist. There is no reason to revere Norway for its economic principles if you’re Donald Trump. It’s a tiny country of full blown socialism, which works when you only have a population of 3 million people and 30,000 of them are willing to do all of the work, which is how Norway operates. Knowing that isn’t Trump’s vision, leads everyone searching for why he chose Norway as his dream country of emigrants and leads a lot of people to deduce the reason is their skin color.

Let’s not forget, it was widely reported and never disputed that during a meeting in June, 2017 Trump said that Haitians “all have AIDS,” and said that Nigerian immigrants wouldn’t ever “go back to their huts” in Africa. These are hard comments to explain away.

Which brings us back to the point; the fact that Trump has chosen a path which leads his team down the road of constantly having to try to explain what he meant is exhausting and frustrating to those of us who don’t care either way, but would really love to see a successful presidency for the first time since Bill Clinton.

What’s more scary and sad to me, personally, is the number of Americans who, when told of the Presidents comments, agree with them and claim he didn’t go far enough. We have such a bubbling rage in this nation that at some point it’s going to come to a head, and perhaps sooner rather than later. We’re not better than everybody because we’re Americans, we’re lucky. We won life’s lottery when we were born in the greatest country on earth and it’s the system of our nation that makes us so strong. I find it appallingly rich that I live in the greatest country on Earth which has its’ highest rate of able-bodied people NOT participating in the workforce in modern times bitching about how lazy other countries are. America is slowly becoming Norway. 10-20% of us are doing all of the work so the rest can lie around and cheer on nationalistic statements about how much better the USA is than everywhere else. Buying an American flag with your welfare check doesn’t make you a functioning member of American society. It makes you pathetic and you should consider moving to Norway. They’ll love you there. And, according to Trump, you won’t get AIDS.





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