The Condom Lie

The Condom Lie

I owe you an apology and I am very sorry.

A few weeks ago, in this space, I listed various things you were simply no longer  allowed to say aloud, lest you be personally and professionally destroyed. Things like climate change (question it and you’re equated to being a holocaust denier), the provably non-existent gender pay gap (you’re a sexist and a misogynist) and advocating that it’s ok to drink while pregnant (you’re a baby killer).

I left one out, and I am very sorry. It had been so long since I had engaged in the act of discussing the actual, provable truth about condoms that I had forgotten you are not allowed to be anti-condom. Sorry.

At least I was reminded with a fury when I made an off-hand comment during Friday’s show and was immediately met with every bumper sticker slogan and piece of propaganda that has been thrown at us for the past 30 years. And despite the fact that I had an answer for every one of them, it was still made very clear to me that I am an ignorant, irresponsible fool. One emailer was nice enough to tell me I should resign because of the irresponsibility of our discussion. As I mentioned on-air, only in America 2017 is it irresponsible to have a debate someone doesn’t agree with. In terms of show members, it was essentially 3 against 1, me being the lone voice against condoms, yet the discussion was deemed irresponsible. How Democratic.

Since I opened the can of unprotected worms, allow me to seal it shut here by providing you what I know you don’t care about; facts. This topic, like saying Marilyn Monroe was NOT a size 12 (she was provably a size 4) is simply off limits and considered settled law. No one wants to hear information that belies their dogma. I made it clear on the air that I was not telling people to NOT use condoms, I was simply stating that I don’t, and I KNOW they’re not effective. And to be clear, NOTHING is effective when it comes to preventing disease and/or pregnancy other than abstinence. And of all of the potential ways to be safe, condoms are provably the least effective. I shouted from the rooftops to do your own research, but I know you won’t, so here’s my attempt at proving and setting the record straight:

Let’s start with the easiest one; which I believe was the first falsehood that was shouted at me about condoms and STD prevention, Herpes. First of all, we live in a world where 66% of us have herpes, as we reported over a year ago.

Secondly, as I mentioned on-air, most herpes isn’t even spread through traditional sex, it’s spread orally, mainly through kissing during an unseen outbreak. Beyond that, it is provably true that condoms are not effective as a prevention against HPV or Herpes. Even pro condom advocates have been forced to publicly acknowledge that as demonstrated by this article:

This country has wasted as much time, money, and energy on the condom lie as it has on the War on Drugs, with equal effectiveness. In other words, we haven’t stopped drug use (or even decreased it) and, while we’ve succeeded in shaming people into using more condoms, we’ve done nothing in the area we were told they were attacking, STD’s. In fact, there are reams of evidence showing condom users have HIGHER rates of pregnancy and/or STD’s for a variety of reasons.

Facts, figures, statistics, and proof aside, here’s why I don’t use condoms (as I also said Friday morning): I hate them. For some of us men, it’s not some bit out of a movie, it’s true, and I’m one of them. I’d rather have no sex than condom sex because condom sex feels awful. In fact, the few times I’ve tried them, I occasionally couldn’t even perform because it was so un-pleasurable (and yes, I’m aware of the different sizes, materials, thicknesses, etc….remember, I’m not the ignorant, uninformed one in this debate).

Which eventually led us to the coward’s argument when it was discussed that I have been fortunate enough to have sex with hundreds of women in my life from all walks and yet, I know for a fact I have no STD’s and am not a carrier of any. I have gotten tested twice per year, every year, since I was 22 years old and still do. So what’s the cowardly response to that? “Well, you’re just lucky.” How easy. Why not just call me a liar and truly end the debate?

What of porn stars? Yes, they work in a heavily regulated industry where they’re tested monthly and they have a 99.9% safety record without using condoms. But guess what? I promise you they weren’t virgins when they BECAME porn stars, in fact we know that the sexual history of most in that industry prior to joining the life is quite promiscuous, yet they test clean upon entering. They’re all just lucky, of course. Coward.

Bottom line; as per usual in America 2017, I am NOT telling you to NOT wear a condom. Do whatever you want. But stop insisting everyone else wear one and everyone else advocate wearing one, especially in the face of damning evidence that makes you look like an abject fool no matter how loudly you yell or how many insults you hurl.

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