Intellectual Dishonesty

Intellectual Dishonesty

No, No, just No.

I realize that we live in a totally hypocritical world where we come to conclusions first and then twist, turn, mold, and manipulate alleged data and facts to align with our pre-determined beliefs…but this is getting ridiculous.

There used to be something we demanded of one-another in the forum of public discourse and debate and it was called “intellectual honesty.” Once you violated the creed, you were dismissed from being taken seriously. For example, in the sports world, if you insist that baseball must remain “pure,” and not try to modernize the game, then you must also be against instant replay in football. Period.

Enter Robert Deniro, famed actor and looney-toon getting loonier by the day. Senility is his only excuse at this point.

Deniro is a 100% believer in man-made Climate change and speaks loudly about it (while flying across the globe in his Carbon Foot-printing private jet, but I digress). Anytime Deniro is asked about it, he cites “science,” as what proves his position.

OK, fine. Many of us, and many actual scientists, question the methodology and still want answers about all of the whistleblowers coming forward admitting the data has been manipulated for over 2 decades to create the desired outcome by certain groups of people masquerading as scientists.

But, ok…if you’re going to insist that just because people keep screaming that science has proven something that has yet to be proven (there’s no such thing as “consensus” in science for those of you who don’t know. Science is fact based, period. And until something is proven, it isn’t. The dopiness behind climate change is based on man-made computer models projecting what will happen based on what our tiny little human brains claim to know, even though we can’t explain hardly anything about the planet we live on let alone predict hurricanes accurately). But I digress again.

So, there it is; the Deniro doctrine is that science is not to be questioned. If a large group of scientists agree on something, it is so and we must all get in line.

Then what the hell is this?

“Robert De Niro is again promoting the theory that there is a link between vaccines and autism. ‘Who settled it, how was it settled? Where is the science?’ the actor (said). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated definitively that vaccines do not cause autism. But the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement that De Niro increasingly associates with argues that there is a massive scientific cover-up and conspiracy hiding the dangers of vaccines.”

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Imagine if someone said “Where is the science? there is a massive scientific cover-up and conspiracy hiding the complete lack of truth, data and integrity in the study of Climate Change?” there’d be outrage! Whoever said it would of course be labeled a “denier,” and mocked openly, perhaps ruined professionally.

Yet there is a stark difference. Climate change is, by its’ very nature, totally unprovable, because it projects how things will be in the future, never holding itself to account when the dire prophecies of the movement fail to come to fruition. You may remember half the earth was supposed to be underwater by now thanks to those pesky melting ice caps.

Meanwhile, there have been countless studies not only showing no connection between vaccines and autism, but also the revelation years ago that the “scientist” who led the initial study that started all of this hysteria (AKA the Jenny McCarthy years) made the entire study up, more or less.

Now I’m not saying go vaccinate your kids. I’m not saying that debate is over. What I am saying is that you can’t scream from the rooftops that the debate over climate change is over citing scientific consensus and then scream that the debate over vaccines is over and disregard scientific consensus. That’s the actual definition of intellectual dishonesty.

I see this all of the time across all spectrums; Trump supporters have been swearing for weeks he’s already fixed the economy because the stock market is booming, yet I don’t recall many of them claiming Obama had fixed the economy while he presided over the largest stock market boom of any two-term president in history. Hillary supporters claim Trump is too close to Russia but I didn’t see many of them upset with her taking millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia and a dozen other known human rights violators. Sports fans claim teams they hate are lucky, but their favorite team, of course, is skilled. Everyone else’s kid has behavioral problems but peoples’ own children are littles angels who can do no wrong. On and on and on it goes. Enough.

I realize nothing is going to change and I’m shouting at the wind, but good gravy this is beyond silly. We are truly an embarrassing species. We’re regressing into the depths of stupidity at a rate that makes me believe we’ll just be drooling piles of goo within a decade. Maybe I can get a few scientists to agree with me and it will be proven.

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