The America You Deserve

The America You Deserve

For years, xenophobic Americans have made themselves feel better about other countries by spouting a form of the phrase “a people gets the country and leader they deserve.”

Well, guess what, America? You’re about to experience it first hand, and you’ve earned it.
Unless something changes dramatically, this country will spend the next many months choosing between a lying narcissist (Hillary Clinton) and a lying narcissist (Donald Trump). While I think it’s likely a third candidate will emerge, I have little hope that he or she will galvanize the country and/or win. Thus, it’s either Hillary or Trump and you deserve either one.

This is what happens after generations of being arrogant, ignorant, and apathetic.

It is startling to watch the supporters of each candidate. I’m not quite sure why anyone supports Hillary other than the fact that she’s a woman and/or a Democrat. She stands for nothing, has failed at almost everything she’s done, and is probably the most dishonest person in public life today. Not to be outdone, those who support Trump are just stupid beyond words. The man literally says nothing and people cheer and somehow proclaim him to be “telling it like it is.” Telling WHAT like it is? He never says anything beyond a bumper sticker. Wall. Yuge. Make America Great Again. Wall.

And none of this should surprise any of us in the least. Look around and what do you see more and more of? Lying, self-interested Americans who make excuses and solve no problems. How long did you really think we could go on as a nation before we finally elected someone exactly like who we’re surrounded by each and every day?

If Trump is elected President, he will get almost nothing accomplished as the political class will block him at every turn. He’ll then try to use Executive Actions which will go only so far as he quite literally makes the world hate America even more, if that’s possible. The world will not respect Trump’s America as so many of his dopey followers would have you believe. The wall will be built, which is inevitable any way, and not one illegal immigrant will be rounded up and deported because it is unlawful. Marco Rubio is right; Trump is a con man, pure and simple.

If Hillary is elected, everything we’ve experienced for the last 8 years will be solidified forever into the American landscape. What was once the greatest healthcare system on Earth will never again be and we’ll be saddled with Obamacare and 3 month waiting periods to see specialists. Our gun rights will be put into peril and the Supreme Court may very well tilt 7-2 before her time is up.

Unless something dramatic happens, this nation is now officially beyond screwed and we’ve earned it. This is what happens when the most free people in the history of humankind take everything they have for granted and simply regurgitate headlines. Thank God I have an amazing wine collection. Come November, I’m going to open up one bottle every day until the apocalypse arrives, which seems nigh.

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