The Darker Side Of Society

I was “out-on-the-town,” Friday night and met literally dozens of listeners and took tons of pictures and had great conversations with all of them. Many bought us drinks, a few even took us to their private drinking club. It was an epic and fun night, to say the least.

You’ll notice I said “us,” as-in, I was with a date. I met a listener of the show via email and we decided we had enough in common to pursue a night out, despite the fact that she’s about to leave the area in which we live to start a new chapter in her life elsewhere in the world. She’s a private citizen who decided to go out with a public figure; neither of those things allows me to be less vague.

I’ve always believed it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, so whether you view the word “love,” as literally falling in love, having sex, or merely knowing or meeting a lovely person, I always jump at the opportunity rather than miss it, especially when it happens to be a stunningly beautiful woman.

Who happens to be Black. Or African American, or whatever the hell I am supposed to say here. I wouldn’t know because despite having a tremendous evening together that lasted hours on end without a moment of silence or an awkward pause, we didn’t discuss race. Crazy us, right? We were just there to have fun, be with each other, and talk about things that truly matter. Apparently, based on my time with her, race didn’t matter since she didn’t bring it up and neither did I.

Actually, full disclosure, that’s not true. There was one moment where we joked that it was ironic that I have an all-white German Shepherd and she has a black lab. To which she said “Black Labs Matter,” I said “All Labs Matter,” and she “That they do.” There ya go; full disclosure, end of any race dicussions.

While she and I were out Friday night we took a picture for our weekly “Drinking With The Maggots Collage,” (her idea), which was not posted until Saturday evening, further legitimizing the email the show received Saturday morning which motivates this column.

Granted, I am here to discuss one and only one email. Granted, as I already said, everyone that we met in person was exceptionally nice and it was a fantastic evening out, and granted, by writing about it, one could argue that I am legitimizing it. I take the contrarian view; hiding from people like this is to legitimize them. They exist, and they need to be exposed, discussed, shamed, and, if possible (and believe me it is), found and dealt with. It isn’t about changing such archaic views, it is about opposing them.

The email we received referenced the following:

  • I am an embarrassment to the white race and have set it back for parading her around without her being on a leash

  • She is a variety of types of animals, simply for her heritage

  • The “display,” she and I put on of holding hands and clearly enjoying one another’s company is one of cross-pollination and cannot be allowed or tolerated.

  • Various parts of my body will be falling off as a result of allowing them to come in contact with her

  • And, of course, the “N” word was used throughout.

I am not reprinting the email here because it is so vulgar that it doesn’t need to be and because I have sent it to various agencies we work with in hopes of tracking its source. From there, whatever happens, happens. I’ve never been afraid of a just war, and certainly not one with cowards.

And that, in the end, is the point of this column. Imagine what a complete, total, and utter coward you must be to see something that so disgusts you, like a white man and a black woman enjoying themselves in public, and not be courageous enough to actually say something to our faces. The woman I was with is fully capable of handling herself and probably would have neutralized anyone long before I thought of eating their eyes out of their head, but the very fact they couldn’t even work up the gumption to say something, anything, shows you the nature of where these scumbags reside on the life scale.

As I said earlier, my date Friday night is leaving the area for a new adventure. Whether her and I see each other moving forward will be determined as time moves forward by fate, chance, and opportunity. I can only hope to be so fortunate. The good news, though, is that I’m still here and I am ready, willing, and more than able to confront and/or “discuss,” with those whose minds are so small that they feel compelled to write such garbage to me. For 15 years I have famously uttered that I am not a “bring it on kinda guy,” believing it best to not necessarily encourage, but rather ignore those that are pathetic.

Well, with that said, bring it on, ass hole.

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