Lots going on here…Maestro prancing after Nellie, a giant dog way in the back right seemingly lifting his leg at a 90 degree angle, and another one taking a dump? Just another day at Dogwoods

My Last Week Of Freedom

Damn it.

We have arrived. We have arrived at my final full week of freedom before Maestro the German Shepherd puppy arrives and turns my life upside down.

Maestro has already been given a job; help me take another step in the right direction after 5 months of personal and emotional hell (and recently some physical hell including lots of vomiting and diarrhea. Yummy).

Since I know that I’m not capable of not taking care of a puppy, I will be forced to pay more attention, be more attentive (and active), and more focused in general. My ability to more free with my schedule will end for the next many months as this damn dog takes most of my attention (other than a nice summer vacation break when he’s Theresa at Dogwoods’ problem. Thanks Theresa)!

You, of course, will be the big loser as the show will suck more than usual for the rest of 2016. Sorry about that in advance. With more of my attention turned towards Maestro, and my complete unwillingness to miss the true luxuries of summer (Ray Donovan, The Last Ship, going on vacation), and the fall (NFL Football, and the return of the Blacklist and Empire), you’re going to have to suffer through.

Plus, I’ll be more tired than usual. Not because the puppy will keep me awake at night (I don’t sleep anyway), but because I’ll be more active as a result of having this little mutant around demanding attention, training, and exercise non-stop.

Additionally, I have to make sure that my current German Shepherd Nellie and her needs are met. Introducing a new dynamic to the pack has always been easy for me but I never take it for granted. She’ll have to understand that the puppy is physically capable of doing things she can no longer (or doesn’t want to) do, while not feeling in any way left out or sidelined.

Oh, and in the midst of all of that I somehow have to engage in grueling 4 hour workdays in a climate controlled building that I own.

Along the way of this hell, we’ll document as much of it as we can and share with you as many stories as we can without letting the show go to the dogs. (Get it? You better, because that’s the kind of humor you’re in for through the calendar year).

Oh yeah, and soapboxes are going to suck more as well (and be shorter). Sorry again. Blame Maestro.

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