Why Trump Must Gag Win

Why Trump Must (Gag) Win

It’s time to wrap our heads around the fact that barring an unforeseen tragedy to him personally, Donald Trump will be one of two people with a legitimate chance at being the next President of the United States. He will most likely run against Hillary Clinton, with the only possible impediment to that inevitability being an indictment of her by the Justice Department over her emails. In that event, it will be Trump versus Joe Biden, who will be nominated on the convention floor and supported by the super delegates since the Democrats know that Bernie Sanders will never win a general election in America, and all of their internal polling shows it.

With that said, Donald Trump is a pathological narcissist who hates women and has sociopath tendencies. He has been caught in so many bald face lies over the past many months it’s literally become impossible to keep track. His positions change constantly, showing that he has no moral compass or soul whatsoever and he has almost no grasp of any of the intricate details of how the country works. All of those qualities, quite frankly, make for a very successful businessman, but they do not make for a great President. 

And yet, he must win.

The majority of Americans look at presidential elections through myopic lenses. They vote on personality, fear, singular issues, or the general “feeling” they get from one candidate or another.
I look at these issues in a much more macro way.

The truth is that the likeliness that Trump can ruin this country in 4 years is very low. George W. Bush and Barack Obama have spent 16 years spending us into oblivion, expanding government to bloated levels beyond belief, downsizing our military to its lowest levels of force, relative to the world, since before World War II, increasing big government’s control of your schools, expanding the power of the presidency through the use of executive orders and signing statements, and yet America is still here, and for the most part, is still miles above the rest of the world. And that list is just the things Bush and Obama BOTH did. Individually, they both own fantastically failed legacies of horrendous decisions and policy making. Yet America is still here.

Yes, America is slogging along and we are far from our potential; and yes, we have lost our way as the true leader of the world. But let’s be honest, life in China and Russia is hardly like life in America. Sure, there are places where people live lives almost as modern as we do, most notably Canada, but Canada is far from having the economic opportunities and security apparatus that we as Americans enjoy.

I could go on and on with the various comparisons, but the truth is that while America has sucked for the last 16 years, we have sucked compared to our own standard of greatness and we’re still, essentially, just fine.

Trump can’t destroy that in 4 years. He’ll make it worse, but he won’t make it so bad that we can’t come back. And, if some of the things he says he’s going to do come to pass, it will be a good thing, most notably rebuilding our depleted military.

Beyond the pathology, misogyny, and insincerity, the deep down fear of Trump is that he’ll start World War Three. While it’s impossible to predict events of the world and how such a sociopath would react, the likeliness of this coming to pass is very low. In truth, Trump’s instability may stave off war because no matter how much they bluster, the rest of the world is still deathly afraid of America’s might. Knowing that a possibly mentally ill person is the President, may scare them off just enough.

On all issues, Trump will only be able to do things with the help of Congress, for the most part, and they will keep him mostly contained in most areas. Yes, the course of the nation will change, but not in the asinine and drastic ways people think. Just Like Bernie Sanders would never be able to implement 90% of what he says he wants to, so is true with Trump.

And remember, it will only be four years. Once America sees that there is no wall, and the portion of the wall that is constructed is not being paid for by Mexico, they will begin to wonder what they voted for. Once they see that Trump’s tax plan is a fraud, and that he either can’t “bring jobs back,” or that he goes forward with asinine tariffs on Chine manufactured goods and the price of everything we buy skyrockets, Americans will realize they elected a total fraud. Once Americans realize that it is literally impossible, short of declaring martial law, to “round up” 15 million illegal immigrants, even though Trump swears he will, the people will see he’s no different, if not worse than all those who came before him.  

So with all of those reassurances, here is why he MUST win; The Supreme Court. As I said, I look at these things from a macro-level. Over the next four years, at least three justices will be appointed by the next president and those appointments will shape the future of this nation, most notably, sociologically, for the next 30 years at least. It is the Supreme Court, more than any president, any congress, or any other entity that shapes our culture more than any other body of government. The Judicial branch is the final word on almost all of the major issues of our time, from abortion to gay marriage, healthcare, gun rights, and eventually legalized marijuana and transgender people and their role in society.

And here is the undeniable truth; Our society has moved dramatically in a progressive direction. Many of those moves have made our country better and more tolerant, but we always need a check and balance to our progress to insure that we remain as American as we can. There is such a thing as too much progress too quickly and it is the job of the court today to guard against such things.

Placing justices on the Supreme Court is the true long lasting legacy of any President fortunate enough to appoint one. Justices serve an average of 30 and sometimes 40+ years helping to make public policy and point the nation in certain directions. If someone other than the Republican nominee wins the White House in November, the balance of the court over the next 4 years will be dramatically tilted to a 6-3 majority of leftist judges. This will mean an endless amount of support from the court for Obamacare, gun restrictions (if not potential bans), and large intrusive government. That’s not to suggest that conservative judges make all of the smart decisions. The current conservative leaning Roberts court has made some dreadful rulings on Obamacare and eminent Domain amongst others. However, with a society, electorate, and lower courts being loaded with like-minded overly sensitive individuals, many of whom have been cowered into their beliefs by the scourge of political correctness sweeping our nation, we need a gate keeper. There is such a thing as too much tolerance, too much understanding and certainly too much government.

Thus, Trump must win. As much as that is a petrifying thought to so many, for the good of the long term, we need to sacrifice the short term. He will be a total disaster in most ways, but if he can get the military turned around (something his republican congress will support him on entirely), and maybe jump start the economy (before ruining it with his idiotic tariff plan), and most importantly appoint proper justices (because congress must approve his nominees they’ll keep him in line), it will all be worth it.

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