It Sucks Being An American In America

I’ve touched on this before and shall continue to do so, since so very few people are aware of it, and even fewer seem to care much once they find out, which remains galling to me.


As Americans remain at one another’s throats over whether or not children need to wear masks in schools and/or get vaccines, and whether or not vaccinated adults need to wear masks, the country is literally importing Covid cases at an alarming rate.


According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP…also known more casually as “The Border Patrol,”), and The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the United States this year, will allow nearly 2 million migrants to enter America illegally by the end of this calendar year, which will be the highest number in more than two decades. There are 13 states in America whose entire populations are below 2 million. Essentially, in 2021, we will have let in the equivalent of the entire population of Montana and Rhode Island combined. Or Hawaii and Wyoming combined. Or Vermont, Alaska and North Dakota, combined. It’s a fun numbers game…try it at home.


At this point the conversation can become very convoluted and controversial, so let’s cut through the crap and stick with what is undeniable, rather than getting bogged down into discussions about the living conditions of these migrants in their home countries, whether or not they do jobs Americans aren’t willing to do, or how we can afford this as a nation. Those points and so many others are for another time.


Here’s what is provably happening: 


  • Anyone who crosses our Southern border illegally as part of a family unit (and according to CBP, groups of 100 or more family members at a time are crossing in record numbers) are allowed to stay in America. Technically, they are arrested and given a temporary asylum with a hearing date in the future in an American court, and then released…but those court dates are now years in the future, and less than 10% ever even show up for their scheduled appearance.


  • Any unaccompanied minor is allowed to stay in America. According to CBP, in the first seven months of the current fiscal year, the number of unaccompanied children arrested was about 65,000…all now part of American society.


  • The number of known “Got-aways,” is at a record high. The CBP defines a “got away” as an individual who is not turned back to Mexico or apprehended, and is no longer being actively pursued by Border Patrol. In other words, Border Patrol Agents see these individuals crossing into America illegally, but are unable to apprehend them because they are so overwhelmed and busy. The agency currently estimates 1,500 got-aways PER DAY. That’s over 40,000 people who we know nothing about, including their criminal background, potential gang affiliations, and health, sneaking into the United States every month and now roaming our streets.


  • Almost ALL of the “got-aways,” are single men, because those are the only people, essentially, that we’re actually sending back when we arrest them. Thus, they just try, try, again until they become a “Got-away.”


  • These are just the numbers that we know. None of these mind boggling statistics account for those sneaking across the border and into America unbeknownst to anyone.


Again, now is not the time to mention, worry about, or scream drugs, crime, gangs, mercy, compassion, border walls and the like, although they all have to be worked through before we ever come close to even beginning to solve this issue.


Here are a couple more undeniable facts about these newest humans walking our streets and such, which should make your head explode when put into the context of living in a country threatening to demand vaccinated people wear masks and insisting that the pandemic is far from over:



  • Even more appalling is that 30% of all of the migrants taken into custody are refusing to get vaccinated. PARDON ME? Allow me to break this down for you…they enter America, a nation on pins and needles and filled with anxiety over going backwards as it relates to Covid, and they do so…illegally. They then turn down getting vaccinated against this virus that is threatening to rip this country apart. A Vaccine that this very country is doing everything it can to entice, coerce and even threaten every one of its’ citizens to get. They refuse this vaccination, and then they are released into America. No wonder we can’t reach herd immunity! We’re adding the entire population of Wyoming into America this year unvaccinated!


And for those of you who like to self-soothe and say completely ignorant things like “Well that’s a Texas/Arizona/Southern California problem,” think again, Bubba.


Tens of thousands of immigrants caught illegally crossing the border and then released are dispersing to four corners of the United States on buses, with some taking passenger jets. (There are even unconfirmed reports as of this writing that the United States Air Force is being charged with flying some of the immigrants into the mainland). So this isn’t just “certain states” problem. We know that immigrants have been taken to Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and to large cities in Texas such as Dallas and Houston. They arrive, get off their chariot and are almost never heard from again.


But, remember…your 8 year-old needs to wear a mask all day at school to stop the spread of Covid, thanks to the highly contagious Delta variant, which will, statistically speaking, do nothing to harm anyone under the age of 18. And you, even though you chose to get vaccinated, you have to wear a mask in Los Angeles, maybe at work, and God knows how many other places by next week, even though, statistically speaking, even if you were one of the .003% of breakthrough cases amongst the vaccinated, you won’t get sick from it, and your viral load won’t be enough to transmit it to anyone.


To my unvaccinated friends, remember that, according to the government, you are the problem. If you’d just get jabbed, we could all go back to normal. You’re an idiot who doesn’t actually have a right to refuse to take medicine you don’t want and we’re going to do everything we can to make your life as miserable as possible until you submit. Too bad you didn’t walk across our Southern Border illegally…had you, you could have just said you didn’t want the shot, and you would have been given some money, food, and a free bus ride to West palm Beach. It’s almost like non-Americans in America have more freedoms and choices than Americans do.


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