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In Memory Of Shep

Years ago, one of my best friends in the world told me that “if you’re a dog person and you’re truly fortunate, you’ll have that one dog in your life; that one who will almost know you on a psychic level. It will take nothing more than a look and he’ll know what you’re thinking and what you need.” Shep was, without a doubt, that dog for me. Today, Tuesday February 16, 2016, Shep was laid to rest peacefully in my arms. I’ve always said that literally the only bad thing about pets is that they’ll always break your heart, and God knows Shep did that today, but I could never repay him for what he gave me. A finer, more loyal, beautiful, obedient dog you will never meet. And without a doubt, Shep would have died for me in a second if he ever thought I was in peril. I will miss him forever and cherish the time I had with him even longer, if that’s possible. Hopefully heaven is what we each would make it, and I’ll see him running at me with those giant clown shoe paws of his again someday. Until then, my best friend is at peace after a life well lived.

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