Rob Answers Maggot Mail

We literally get hundreds of emails per week, along with thousands of Social Media messages and clearly, we can’t read or respond to them all on the air. This space is reserved as a way to respond to as many of you as we can in the event your message doesn’t make its’ way to the airwaves. Rob personally writes each of the following responses:



Hi Rob…for the past (few) days you have brought up eating at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and mentioned it is sad that the best restaurant in the Sacramento area is a chain restaurant. Ruth’s Chris is very good, but…do yourself a favor and check out “the Kitchen,” in Sacramento, it is amazing.

ROB’S RESPONSE ON 6/16/15: We have been down this road countless times over the past decade, but I will traverse it once again. The Kitchen is a fine establishment trying to bring a little culinary culture to a pathetic down that desperately needs it, and they fail miserably. Thomas Keller blazed a trail decades ago by introducing and mainstreaming the idea of a different menu every night of a chef’s inspired meal. In doing so, he created what is quite literally voted the best restaurant in the world year after year, “the French Laundry,” in Napa. His New York home “Per Se,” is the same idea and equally as stunning. In the past many years, every chef who wants to matter has tried to open their own version in every major city. I have no beef with The Kitchen, but I grow very tired of people telling me it is amazing. It is not. It is far from it. It is a lame city’s attempt at being cosmopolitan and it desperately shows. I have been half a dozen times in the past 10 years and have never been close to impressed. If you’ve never truly had fine dining, you’ll think this place is the best thing since sliced bread. If you’ve ever had well baked sliced bread you’ll acknowledge this place is adequate at best. If you want to experience an amazing night without spending $1000 like you’d have to at the French Laundry, hit up Ad Hoc in Yountville, also a Thomas Keller joint. Amazing food, presentation and atmosphere. The Kitchen wishes they could produce results like that.



Rob’s parking job at the Silver Legacy this weekend is questionable as far as being an Ass Jack. Take a look!


Ironically I met the guy who sent this email and included a picture of a brand new red Corvette identical to mine, parked diagonally, taking up multiple spots in the garage of the Silver Legacy. As it turns out, I as, in fact, In Reno and staying at the Silver Legacy when he took the picture, however, I drove my RAM pick-up truck, a fact the valet crew can attest to. I’m no hypocrite, and I don’t for one minute believe that spending $100,000 on a car entitles me to behave like an asshole. The guy was nice enough and, my understanding is, removed the post from his twitter page which I appreciate.



Fool…your car is not DCT double clutch. You drive a manual clutch. Stop trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about. Although you will never read this cuz your (sic) a pansy an (sic) have all emails weeded out that could potentially hurt your feeling (sic). Your engine sounds like it does because it’s a high performance engine ya bum. Lean (sic) how to wrench a nut


This absurd email references the recent “Ride-Along-With-Rob,” video segment on, during which we GoPro the cockpit of my Corvette while Ashley and I traverse the road. At one point during a recent video I answer her question about what she’s hearing in the change in engine sound as a “double clutch thing.” Robert decided to go full stupid and send the above quoted email which makes him appear as though he is the most stupid human Earth, which I suggest to you is quite possible. For starters, I freely admit that I am no gear head, however I have “wrenched” many a nut in my life. I’ve also floored entire homes, replaced dishwashers and disposals, and painted more than my share of interiors and exteriors. I did all of those things because all men should know how to do them, and so that I would know which tasks I wanted to continue to do as I became successful, and which I wanted to pay others to handle. Robert and his envy can pound sand, because while I am no idiot, nor expert, I also am not stupid enough to buy and drive one of the greatest performance vehicle on the Earth without knowing what I am doing. Of course my car is not a DCT, nor did I say it was. I was describing the act of rev-matching which is what Ashley was asking about in the video. My father taught me at a young age how to double clutch and how to rev match, two different yet similar things, which improve engine performance and reduce wear and tear on both your brakes and transmission. I know how to do both better than most and it just so happens that my ZO6 has a RevMatch setting which does it for you…Ashley was asking about the sound of the car injecting fuel into the engine as I down-shifted, thus creating the audible sensation of the engine being “revved.” My answer to her was a cute relationship moment in which I explained very simply to my Mechanical Engineer girlfriend, who knows more than Robert will ever forget, in one cute catch phrase what she was hearing. People like Robert are mind numbingly wasteful of the precious space we have on Earth and need to eradicate themselves. Sadly, he’s probably too stupid to pull it off.

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