shark objects

Sharp Objects

Review by Dawn:

I was looking forward to this miniseries on HBO..Sharp Objects with Amy Adams, I usually like stuff she’s in…then I forgot it started already! So I caught up on the first 2 episodes, tonight Sunday or last Sunday depending on when you read this!! Episode 3 will air… and I gotta say…..I am having a hard time liking it as much as everyone else appears to like it…it seems like people really really really love this miniseries….I kinda like it, but there is something about it I don’t like but I keep watching anyway!

Amy Adams acting is spot on for the character she is portraying but shit I don’t know its kinda weird, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not! Basically Amy Adams is a reporter for a newspaper in St. Louis, she is from a small town in Missouri where all these kids end up missing and dead so she is sent there to write about it since she is from this small town…blah blah yadda yadda…its based on a book, which no I haven’t read!

I will still keep watching I mean shit I’ve already started might as well see this thing thru…maybe eventually I’ll like it as much as y’all seem to! For now tho it gets a sideways thumb!!!!

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