Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Collection 5 On Netflix

Review by Rob:

To be fair, Jerry Seinfeld’s rotating series of driving comedians around in fancy cars and overly highlighting coffee cutaways has already featured almost all of the funniest and best working comedians of today and the last many decades, thus the ongoing success of the show is, in part, reliant on the quality of guest he can find. Recently moved to Netflix, the show has had 10 “seasons,” which the streaming giant has condensed into collections formerly available on “Crackle,” with the newest round of interviews being C5 episodes 1-12. But the number and length of previous episodes and interviews is wearing on Jerry at a time when his guest pool has all but evaporated.

That, in and of itself, is what makes the newest season so disappointing. Seinfeld himself is either no longer trying, or is just finally becoming that annoying stereotypical aging New Yorker who thinks louder and more of himself is funny. And it isn’t. In episode 4 of the 5th and newest collection available on Netflix, he constantly asks Tracy Morgan questions and then answers himself before Morgan can speak, certain he has the funniest thing in the world to say…and he doesn’t. Granted, with a guest list this season of such non-high-caliber names as John Mulaney, Neal Brennan, Brian Regan, and Hasan Minhaj, Seinfeld wasn’t exactly given the greatest ingredients needed to make a souffle. Unfortunately, in his attempt to add flavor, he added way too much of himself and it’s truly become too much Jerry trying way too hard.

For enjoyment, watch only episodes 2,3,10 and 11 and allow Dave Chappelle, Ellen Degeneres, Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin to try to remind Jerry what joy looks like. Thumbs Down.

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