Equalizer 2

Review by Dawn:

Action flicks in general are fine, they aren’t my go to, if I’m watching TV alone I don’t pick an actin flick to watch I pick a chick flick hands down! However when my hubby is watching action shit I’ll watch it with him and most of it is pretty good and entertaining…now while what I just said is true there is ONE caveat…Denzel Washington!!! I will watch his movies all day long action flicks or not, doesn’t matter its Denzel and I LOVE him he is AMAZING!! There are only 2 entertainers in the world that I would pay just to watch them read from a magazine  (google magazines!!) George Strait is one of them and Denzel is the other!!

Round 2 of The Equalizer, was a bit slow at times, mixed in a lot of varying relationships you’ll know what I mean when you see it…and the movie was kinda predictable.. however as always Denzel was perfect!! And the kill scenes HOLY SHIT the kill scenes were fantastic!!! Overall this movie was great!! And its because of the kill scenes and the fight scenes, oh dear lord, Lordy Lordy lord!! There is a fight scene was Denzel doesn’t kill anyone  but he sure messes them up BAD!! Love what he did with a credit card lol!!

It really doesn’t matter that it dragged a bit, the action TOTALLY made up for it and yes there were some really sweet tender moments that I loved as well!! Denzel you did it again, I give you a big old thumbs up!!!!!

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