Review: The Serpent (Netflix)

Dawn’s review of The Serpent on Netflix


Holy cow have you seen this 8 part limited series on Netflix called The Serpent? It’s based on  real life events that took place in the 1970’s on the South East Asian ‘Hippie Trail.’ And it’s disturbing. I mean like really disturbing. I had to watch an episode here and then, this wasn’t a binge watch for me!


It’s about Charles Sobhraj a French man who posed as a gem dealer who targeted mainly backpackers either swindling them of all their money and or eventually murdering them for their money. His accomplices were his girlfriend Marie-Andree Leclerc and Ajay Chowdhury. The shit they did to seemingly nice people, trusting people free loving free spirited people was just so freaking heartless and EVIL.


You are rooting for their victims to get away all the while knowing thats not the true story, sadly they didn’t get away, well one did but you’ll have to watch so I don’t give it away! A young diplomat at the Dutch Embassy and his wife attempt to bring Charles to justice, a long hard battle. As you are watching you just keep being reminded of the people in this world who are just plain the devil.  You wonder how far gone emotionally his girlfriend had to be to deal with all of this.


The way in which they all worked together to steal money from their victims is just cold, no emotion no compassion completely disconnected of being human. And you know this kind of awfulness is happening now. I was glad to finally get to the last episode to be done with this, it for sure isn’t something I would watch again its not one of those you need to see more than once. I do give it a thumbs up, it keeps you watching and you want to know where it ends up going, I just don’t want to see it twice lol!!!!


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