Review: Mortal Kombat

Brandon’s Review of

Mortal Kombat

(In Theaters Now / Streaming on HBO Max)

For those of you old enough to remember playing Mortal Kombat for the first time on Sega Genesis in the early 90s, you know that it “changed the game” forever as one of the most violent games up to the date of its release in August of 1992.  There have been attempts to bring this game to life in a live-action film, falling short from a FLAWLESS VICTORY.  Almost 30 years later, I think we’ve gotten the closest we are going to get to a “good” movie inspired by a video game.  Especially with one as iconic as Mortal Kombat.  The plot line?  Doesn’t matter… honestly… if you are vaguely familiar with the video games, that’s more knowledge than you’ll need going into this flick.  If you’re worried about not getting the quotes like “Finish Him” or “Get Over Here” – don’t worry about it, let the nerds have their fun and fist pump the air (like I did).  The acting and the story line are dreadful at best, with the only exception going to the character named Kano.  He was the only character who brought any depth and surprisingly a lot of humor to the “story.”  Aside from that, the movie is outstanding.  Violent, bloody and brutal.  Perfect. Mindless. Action.   While it’s still fun to pick the poor filmmaking apart, you’ll be left satisfied by the FATALITIES!


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