Review: Succession (HBO)

Dawn’s Review: 

For about a year now one of our friends has been telling me I’ve got to watch this show on HBO Succession especially since I like the show Billions so much. Well shit with so much stuff I had already been watching I hadn’t checked it out yet but then this past week when I got sick I was like yes perfect time to finally watch this show. Holy mother blanker love it!!

It starts out a bit slow, and some of the characters are hard to like but I stuck with it and by episode 3 of Season 1 I was hooked! So I’d say this show reminds me of Billions and House Of Cards, when it comes to the sleaziness of those shows and the way those shows I think portray the kind of filth that happens in those worlds that we would never know about.

Succession is about a powerful Media family the Roy’s. Most of the characters you will find disgusting and hard to like but I think thats the point! They are a power hungry greedy family. Very elitist. So much behind the scenes dirty shit happening just to make a deal. So much backstabbing and betrayal. This family has so much power including owning several politicians, no shocker there that is also true to life with powerful rich families.

This show could almost be a documentary of how Billionaires live and rule the world. It’s pretty gross but oh so damn good!!! So far there are 2 seasons, Season 3 is set to come out later this year, so you have time to binge watch the first 2! Succession gets a big ass thumbs up!!

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