Review: Better Call Saul

Dawn’s Review: 

I was a tad bit late to the Breaking Bad party! It came out in 2008, ended in 2013 and I didn’t start watching it until 2019 lol!!! Oh my gosh tho Brando was right such a great freaking show!!! I was going thru some MAJOR Breaking Bad withdrawals once I was done watching the whole series and then yahoooooo Brando told me about Better Call Saul and holy shit I love this show!!

Just in case you don’t know, Saul Goodman is the Lawyer that you see in Breaking Bad, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s lawyer. When you meet Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad he already goes by the name Saul and he is already pretty much a criminal lawyer.

Watching Better Call Saul you get a few awesome things. We get to see how Saul Goodman became Saul Goodman, because he starts out the Series Better Call Saul with his real name, Jimmy McGil, he’s a small time attorney really trying to make it a go as a lawyer with a lot of struggles. We also get to see his family dynamic with his brother who has some lets just say mental issues but has made a huge name for himself as an excellent lawyer. We also get to see all the bad characters that you see in Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul is before Walter White and Jesse Pinkman become top Meth dealers, so we kinda get a dose of Breaking Bad in this will see so many familiar faces its awesome!! Episode 3 of Season 5 we get to see Hank!!! If you are a Breaking Bad fan you know who that is…actually you will know who all the criminals are that they show in Better Call Saul if you’ve watched Breaking Bad. Otherwise it will still be a great show you just won’t get all the nostalgia.

Season 5 just started, so far only 3 episodes have aired and its GOOD!!! This series is a MUST. You can binge watch Seasons 1 – 4 in no time on Netflix…you’ll want to! Once I started season 1 I carried my phone in every room with me whether I was working or doing shit at home lol!!  I give this a BIG ole thumbs up!!!

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