Review: Devs (FX/Hulu)

Brandon’s Review: 

At first glance of the previews for the new show Devs on FX (also available on Hulu), I thought, “Nick Offerman in a serious role? This has got to be good!”  Many of you will remember the face of Nick Offerman, who played Ron Swanson in the cult hit sitcom Parks and Recreation.  Ron Swanson was a beloved character that most people related to.  In this new series, it is far from comical and Offerman’s new character is someone you definitely don’t want to relate to.  Devs is an FX limited series that focuses on a young software engineer named Lily Chan who works for Amaya, a cutting-edge tech company based in Silicon Valley. After her boyfriend Sergei’s apparent suicide, Lily suspects foul play and begins to investigate. She quickly realizes that all roads lead to Forest (played by Offerman), Amaya’s enigmatic CEO, and Devs, the company’s secret development division. In Lily’s quest to discover the truth, she uncovers a technology-based conspiracy that could change the world.

The imagery alone is enough to keep you engaged in the story telling in this not-so-distant future reality.  Devs is at the cutting edge of quantum computing that could change the world.  There is a strict rule in place in the Devs program where they do not look into the future, and only into the past.  We are only 3 episodes in at the time of this review, but I’m willing to bet someone will use the quantum computer to look into the future… and who will benefit?  Devs has me hooked.  If you’re looking for an awesome sci-fi thriller, check out Devs on FX and Hulu now!

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