Review: Living With Yourself (Netflix)

Brandon’s Review: 

Some say that Paul Rudd can’t carry a movie.  While I would have agreed with that statement 10 years ago, Paul Rudd has grown to become one of my favorite actors and has proven that he doesn’t need to be apart of an ensemble cast to be entertaining.  It is made clear in the new Netflix series, Living With Yourself, that Paul Rudd is continuing to grow as a deep and hysterical actor who not only carries the show, but he acts along side himself.

A down and out man named Miles (Paul Rudd) is struggling to be successful and happy in his life in advertising, and he is struggling to start a family with his Kate (Aisling Bea).  Amidst his mid-life crisis, he is recommended by a coworker who seems to be hitting every stride to visit a state-of-the-art day spa where they scrub your DNA to make you a “better you.”  In the process, something goes wrong, and Miles wakes up in a grave in the middle of a forest, where he has to run 6 miles back to his home.  When he arrives home, he finds himself already there, in clone form.  At this particular day spa, they clone you, discard your old, “bad version” and lets your superior “clone version” take your place.  Since the procedure didn’t go as planned, the old Miles has to figure out how to live their life with the new Miles.  That is just the first episode!  There are so many twists and turns in this dark comedy, that it always leaves you guessing and once you think you’ve figured it out.. BOOM! Another twist.  For those of you who think that Paul Rudd as an “every man” actor that can’t carry a plot line, reconsider your opinion and give “Living With Yourself” a try.  I was highly entertained and binged all 8 thirty minute episodes over a weekend.  And yes, they left it wide open for a season 2.  Thumbs up!

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