Review: The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

Dawn’s Review: 
I freaking love this show…sure it doesn’t hurt that I love Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell!! And it doesn’t hurt that I love drama’s with some laughs thrown in but still the critics that don’t like this show can suck it!! All three of these actors play their characters perfectly. Jennifer Aniston the Veteran morning show anchor who has had a long ass career and done well for herself but still has some insecurities that a TV career can bring on…looks, aging..being relevant. She loses her longtime partner on The Morning Show played by Steve Carell due it his sexual misconduct he is accused of and she is trying now to find her place in all the mess.

Steve Carell holy shit is SO good at playing that ego mf’er that does not at all see how his actions have hurt others, only sees what it has done to him, his career his Ego. It will remind you of the fall of Matt Lauer, I can totally see Matt Lauer having acted this way with his situation.

I can’t get enough of Reese Witherspoon’s character! Spunky, funny, passionate/hot headed, real and doesn’t give a shit about all of the accolades of TV. She is thrown in to all this mess thats going on with recreating the image of The Morning Show. All of the ugliness of all of the crap that happens behind the scenes seems real as f**k with what that business has going on in real life…egos, people fighting for their positions, back stabbing, lies..losing yourself just to get what you think you want…this is good TV!!!

Only thing I was bummed about was after episode 3 we now have to wait until  Friday’s for a new one and we only get 10 total for this Season booo I already want more!!! I give this show a big ole thumbs up!!

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