Review: El Camino – A Breaking Bad Movie

Brandon’s Review: 

After binge watching the entire series over the last few weeks in preparation for the release of El Camino, I was reminded at how dark and heavy the show got as it reached its end.  A nice escape with some episodes of Big Mouth is in order after this trek.  Before I continue, this will not be a spoiler filled review as I know some are getting around to watching Breaking Bad for the first time.  To be honest, I wasn’t in need of or expecting any sort of continuation of the story as the series came to it’s intended end back in 2013.  As promised, El Camino starts off right where they left off at the end of the series.  As you know from the trailers, Jesse Pinkman, former partner of Walter White (aka Heisenberg), escapes from captivity at high speeds in an El Camino.  For the next two hours, we find out what happened while Jesse was held in captivity, and ultimately his journey to freedom (or not).  We are treated with some familiar faces from the TV series including Joe the junkyard guy, Skinny Pete and Badger lend a hand to Jesse, the creepy scumbag albino Todd, the vacuum repair guy (or the guy who makes you disappear) and a few more surprises.  There are a good amount of flashbacks that acted as epilogues and tied a lot of the story together, including a scene with Walter White taking place after the first real “cook” in the RV.

Like most of the TV series, it felt like a modern day western.  Plenty of deep and compelling dialogue, paired with robberies and wild west shootouts.  By the end of El Camino, I was left satisfied with the conclusion I came to on my own, but satisfied with the extension that the show’s creator wanted to show.  There is plenty of closure here for the Breaking Bad fans.  I give El Camino a “thumbs up”

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