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Ken Jeong – You Complete Me, Ho & Period. End Of Sentence

Dawn’s Reviews:

My hubby and I were looking forward to this Comedy special, we have enjoyed Ken Jeong’s story…real life Doctor to Actor..and we have really liked his acting in Knocked Up, The Hangover Movies, Couples Retreat etc….His first comedy special starts out pretty okay, not great but we thought maybe it will get better as he goes….it…so…did…NOT!!

Oh my gosh I don’t think stand up comedy is his thing AT ALL. It was awful, no like really bad. I felt bad for him. Im like no no no stop you are so much better than this!!!! But he kept going. He would do mean jokes which are great if you can make them funny which he didn’t not one bit. He threw in Doctor jokes that I thought for sure he can have some fun with this….holy crap he just sounded like a disgruntled former Kaiser worker!! Oh and not funny! He did Asian jokes that fell flat..hubby and I were just like oh dear lord we aren’t gonna make it through this whole thing and we didn’t!! Made it almost halfway thru and that was even hard to do!

Buddy we will continue to check out movies and TV shows you are in, but stand up comedy shows with you, will be a big no in this household!! HUGE thumbs down, HUGE!!





Period. End of Sentence.

Wow. Just wow. Gosh dang it we are SO freaking lucky ladies to live in a first world country. Can you imagine living somewhere where you are not allowed to go to religious ceremonies while you are on your Period because its considered basically evil, could you imagine not being able to find a Pad anywhere not in ANY stores??? Yeah I only mention a Pad, because the place I’m talking about doesn’t have tampons, periods underwear or Period Cups..please they are lucky to find a Pad.  Could you imaging just finding any kind of cloth to try and catch the bleeding, which is unsanitary and the women can catch disease and on top of that the cloths leaks so bad you have to drop out of school??? Education ended because of something that is a basic necessity for women.

This just seems so basic but if you live somewhere like rural India this is your reality. This Nexflix New Release is only 25 minutes long but so completely fascinating, frustrating but totally inspiring!

Inspiring because Women in this rural village outside New Delhi have found a way to make low cost sanitary pads with a new machine which is helping them also reach some financial independence!! Little by little they are making progress so these girls in rural villages throughout the world can still get an education and make some money of their own, I give this documentary a big old thumbs up!


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