Behind The Curve & Murder Mountain

Dawn’s Reviews:

If you are looking to be entertained and have many moments of laughing out loud you will give this a thumbs up. If you just want to bang your head against the wall at the complete utter craziness of these Flat Earthers and just can’t stand to watch for one second more but you can’t look away you will give this a thumbs down!!

I mean holy shit I don’t even know where to begin…oh I know where to begin…why the hell did I begin to watch this documentary???? Why?? Why?? Why??? This damn thing for me went from being comical and entertaining to mind numbing and just plain ridiculous.

Here is what the Flat Earthers proved, they are just like any other human with their hypocrisy, they will demean other things that are completely absurd to them and you sit there and go ummmm well you know thats how you are seen too right??!! They also proved they are like Politicians, they know how to run around a question without actually answering the question while at the same time claiming they have all the answers. Brilliant!!!!!! They also proved how they are just bat shit crazy conspiracy theorists.

Oh and the one thing they proved that you will find completely hysterical happens at the end, where they basically disprove themselves with their own experiments. Priceless!!!!!!!!!

It took awhile for me to actually sit down and watch this because one of our sweet amazing hippy nieces has made money at the Pot Farms there in Humboldt county and hearing about all those that go missing already had me freaked out and I didn’t want to watch to get even more freaked out…but my curiosity won cause I do like documentaries like this…

Its the Wild West for Pot growers. Truly, that pretty much sums it up. Murder Mountain shows how this area of Humboldt County went from a place for Hippies back in the day to come and live off the land get away from society be naked and smoke pot peacefully, to a dangerous all about the money from selling pot place.

The area known as Murder Mountain has been SO closed off from the world that Law Enforcement has pretty much left it alone and the folks that live there take care of their own problems like the Wild West!

It became a story because Humboldt County leads the way of all the counties in CA with the number of people missing. Some just killed off, some maybe taken into human trafficking and others who just don’t want to be found. The documentary gives the history of the area and also goes over what is starting to happen there now with Pot being legal in CA… highlighting different people that have made it home, while also throughout they focus on solving the death of one particular guy.

Overall it was good but did get a little slow in some parts and I thought they would delve more into  the other people that go missing, why and how etc….yes they touch on it but I thought it would go deeper…

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