Norm MacDonald Has A Show

Norm MacDonald Has A Show

Review by Rob:

I went into Netflix’s new series, “Norm Macdonald has a show,” expecting disaster based on everything I had heard and read prior. Admittedly, I allowed that to taint my viewing in the beginning and I had to stop, walk away, and start over.

In the end, the truth of the matter is, that I don’t know if this show is amazing, stupidly awful, or just Norm Macdonald.

I like Macdonald and have always appreciated his very weird and specific delivery and observations, so accusing me of “not getting it,” would be lazy and lame. This new Netflix show is clearly designed in his image; it seemingly makes no sense and has no point. Dogs are on the set, but an audience isn’t. He sings a horrible sign off song at then end of each episode and he takes non-existent commercial breaks. He has no interviewing skills whatsoever and he ends each show with “jokes” that are beyond bad, which he forces his guests to read. And he has a sidekick, Adam Eget, who is beyond worthless. So much of the show is uncomfortable yet, in retrospect, hysterical, in that “did I just see that,” sense. While he has no ability to interview a human being, he somehow gets amazing moments out of most of his guests, most notably, Jane Fonda, David Letterman, Drew Barrymore, Chevy Chase, and David Spade. And yes, that’s half the season I just praised. So, what is this thing that I have watched? I have no idea but I do know I want a second season for some reason that I cannot give legitimacy to. If the show never returns, I wouldn’t be surprised. I also wouldn’t be shocked if this becames a modern day “Muppet Show,” with celebrities lined up to host…and the comparison to a show of puppets in space, blowing things up, throwing food everywhere, and bitching about the actual performances, is, in the end, a perfect one.

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