Mayans MC

Mayans MC

Review by Dawn:

Since December 9th, 2014 Sons Of Anarchy fans have been wanting a prequel a spin off something SOA since the final episode!! And now 3 years and 9 months later we got it with Mayans MC!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I miss the hell out of SOA, but am happy Mayans is finally here!

So far there has been 2 episodes and I’m liking it! Its not SOA but shit like I said we are only 2 episodes in, and knowing Kurt Sutter there is SO much more to come and so much growth to happen to get us truly hooked!!! Loved loved loved the flashback with Gemma!!! Okay I mean really you were excited too when you saw her!! And from what I read there are more flashbacks that will include her and the tie in as to why she was there at that jail during that flashback. Sutter is known for tying things together so they make sense, he doesn’t just have some random flashback with such a prominent character from SOA. So excited for more Gemma!! Obviously she’ll only be in flashback moments cause well she’s dead now.

Our little fake finger friend Chucky was also a nice surprise to throw in from our days of SOA. And the SOA San Bernadino charter making an appearance with the President of that chapter who we saw in seasons 6 and 7 of SOA was also freaking awesome to see!! Ummm I swear there is more to Mayans MC that I like besides the SOA appearances!!

Its pretty brutal so far with the Mayans being tied to the Cartel so for folks that like that part they wont be disappointed! There are a lot of different storylines already introduced so I’m looking forward to seeing where those go and how they unfold. Thank you Kurt Sutter for finally putting this together!! Now can’t you also do a prequel for SOA??!! And how about putting some flashbacks in Mayans that include Jax!!!!!!!

Mayans MC so far does deserve a thumbs up!!

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