Ozark Season 2 - A Netflix Original Series

Ozark: Season 2 – A Netflix Original Series

Review by Dawn:

Ugh only 10 episodes for Season 2 just like Season 1 grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it this freaking show is SO good. Season 2 starts out a bit slow and I found myself thinking shit, they’ve jumped the shark they aren’t gonna be able to make 2 as good as 1 was and just as I was losing hope, it got good!!

The thing about shows like this where just about everyone is bad including those that are supposed to be on the side of good, you find yourself rooting for who you want to be able to continue being bad lol!!!! Marty and his family find themselves even deeper into the crime world this season, holy shit its just pure entertainment and you don’t want each episode to end!

My BIG complaint is that I binged watched this Season, why the hell did I do that oh I know why, it was that good!! Now I have to wait another damn year for Season 3 which hasn’t been officially confirmed yet as of this writing but shit hello we know it will be! Umm yes of course I give Season 2 a HUGE thumbs up!!

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