paradise PD

Paradise P.D. – A Netflix Animated Series

Review by Brandon:

As a fan of adult animation like Rick and Morty, Archer and of course Family Guy, I was intrigued to find this new animated series on Netflix. Dozens of maggots were writing in and raving about Paradise P.D. And how hilarious it is. I must admit that I was not impressed at all. In fact, I probably chuckled once or twice over the span of 10 episodes. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for it, or maybe the humor was trying so hard to be offensive and crude that it fell short of being funny. Another reason might be that Paradise P.D. was made by the same guys who brought you Brickleberry on Comedy Central, and instead the forest rangers have been replaced by an inept small-town police force. Both shows have the same things in common; pointless crude humor and a talking animal addicted to drugs.

The series is very similar to Brickleberry itself but there is no bleeping out profanity and a harder emphasis on vomiting, drugs, genitalia and mental disorders. The show satirizes contemporary issues such as Donald Trump’s rise to presidency, news media and their political bias as well as Black Lives Matter. Some Paradise characters are exact replicas of Brickleberry characters but with different clothing and only slight differences in appearances.

It did bring me some joy knowing that the guy who voices Spongebob Squarepants has key roles in this show. While he didn’t sound like the sponge, it was fun hearing him say every dirty word in the book, including ass-play, squirter and the big “C” word multiple times. If you’re looking for mind-numbing, pointless profanity and a less than decent storyline… enjoy Paradise P.D. I did not. Thumbs down

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