Incredibles 2

Review by Brandon:

It has been far too long of a wait for Incredibles number 2 to drop, and it was well worth the wait!

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the 1st left off.  The family is dealing with the backlash of being their super selves and saving the city.  At this point, superheroes are still illegal because politicians believe that they cause more harm than good.  While the Incredibles family are stuck without their home, which was destroyed at the end of the 1st film, and jobless, an opportunity arises that could turn things around for all supers.

Telecommunications guru Winston Deavor enlists Elastigirl to fight crime and make the public fall in love with superheroes once again. That leaves Mr. Incredible with one of his greatest challenges ever, staying home and taking care of three super children.  As Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack offer him a new set of headaches, a cybercriminal named Screenslaver launches his dastardly plan, hypnotizing the world through computer screens.

The highlights of Incredibles 2 start from the beginning of the film, all the way to the end.  The true star of the movie has to be Jack-Jack, the baby, who we find out has superpowers at the end of the 1st movie.  The moments between Mr Incredible and his kids are the funniest as he is not prepared for the stresses that come along with single-parenting while Elastigirl is off on missions trying to restore the image of superheroes.  At one point, when Mr Incredible is at a breaking point, he enlists the hilarious Edna (super suit designer) to babysit little Jack-Jack and hone in on his multiple superpowers.

If you’re like me and you loved the 1st Incredibles movie, you will not be disappointed in the second.  It had me laughing all the way through.  Huge thumbs up!

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