Incredibles 2

Review by Dawn:

Hard to believe its been almost 14 years since the first Incredibles came out!! The 2 god kiddos of ours I took to see this new one weren’t even born when the first one came out, craziness!! Anywhooooo we were excited to see this movie, who isn’t!!!???! First I must say there is a Short that gets played before the movie starts thats funny but also has you turn your head sideways!! Lol! our god kiddos that were with me are 10 and 13 and they just looked at me and went “what…okay that was different”

This second go around of the Incredibles was fantastic!! It was funny, cute, kept you entertained throughout and of course a good message! It picks up with Super heroes still being illegal so the whole movie was basically about getting them to be legal again. With all the fun twists and turns and the new baby with its powers…don’t want to tell you what those are lol you’ll have to see for yourself. And oh my gosh parents out there with teen girls will have an extra chuckle at the daughters “dramatic outbursts” oh my gosh too funny!

This movie for sure is for adults and kids, the theatre we were in had people from age 5 to 80! If you want to smile, laugh and remember why you love the Incredibles, see this second one!! Gets a big ole thumbs up from us!!

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