America’s Got Talent

Review by Dawn:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!!! This time of year, my hubby and I look forward to Big Brother and America’s Got Talent. These are shows he and I not only enjoy watching together but also with our family…  his sister, neice, nephew and the in laws! We all actually get excited when we see we will be together on a night one of these shows is on! And when we all can’t watch together we will talk about the shows when we are chatting on the phone or FaceTime!

By far America’s Got Talent is our favorite Summer show, the chemistry between the judges is so awesome to watch and then all the heartfelt stories behind some of the contestants, man some nights its a total cry fest for me!! Its  such a joyful show and also funny when people are awful because of the way the judges taunt the folks!

This particular contestant had me freaking bawling. He and his wife have 6 kids, 5 from foster care that they adopted. Oh my gosh just wonderful amazing people. Watch both of these videos and get your Kleenex ready!! Thumbs up!

This first video gives you the story of the family…

This second video you get to watch the audition of the father singing and holy shit it is good!!!

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