I Feel Pretty

Review by Dawn:

Producer Amanda and I went and saw this movie together and we both were hoping it would be good and you know what I thought it was! There were some slow parts but shit other than that I don’t know what the frick some of those movie critics saw!! This movie had a solid message…Your body doesn’t define you, YOU do! Your personality, your heart..who you are as a person.

The gal Amy Schumer plays really does represent the 99.9% of us women before we get our confidence! She is super critical about her body and face, she has zero confidence she thinks if she was prettier or thinner she would have a good life. As you all have already heard from the movie she falls down hits her head pretty hard and thinks what she sees is a whole new person, she is beautiful and thin, but everyone else still sees the real her the person whose looks and body haven’t changed. She now has new found confidence because she thinks she is so beautiful and her personality can shine because she is no longer self conscious.

The WHOLE point of the movie was everyone liked her for her not her looks and she finally was getting the life she wanted NOT because of her looks but because of her confidence, her personality….the person she is! The message was pretty clear how we see ourselves and what we think of ourselves can hold us back or move us forward and we all should learn to love the body we are in and the face we have.

Amy Schumer the person is hard to like so maybe thats why folks had the point of the whole movie wrong!! Anywhooo I thought it was a good body image movie and in my book that gets a thumbs up!!

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