Blockers Movie Poster


Review by Dawn:

I know this came out in April but I just saw it on Apple TV!! What the Frick, holy m’fer this movie is laughing so hard can’t breathe funny!!!!! Not kidding!! Our Neice and nephew kept saying for days when they were at our house lets watch Blockers and we were like no thats okay looks stupid! And they were like no seriously its so good. And we thought well maybe its funny to teenagers. Well yep they were right, this movie is GREAT!!!!

John Cena is hilarious in this movie, him bending over with a tube in his ass to chug beer through his ass is OMG funny!! Basically 3 parents find out their kids plan on losing their virginity on Prom Night and they try to stop them from doing so. This movie is pretty relatable for parents my sister in law said and relatable to anyone whose is and has been a teen! Leslie Mann is one of the moms and although she plays the same character she always plays it works!

If you are just kicking back at home and want a good laugh watch this movie!!! Big thumbs up!!

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