The Fosters

Review by Dawn:

One of our nieces is obsessed with The Fosters on Netflix and I got sucked right in with her!!! For about 3 days we sat and binge watched this damn show!! It sucks you in damn it! This show was on ABC Family/Freeform for years and now its on Netflix. I guess there is going to be a spinoff  at some point just concentrating the two girls in the family while they are in college. Anywhoo this is a show about a married lesbian couple who are foster and adoptive parents. Lots and lots of drama, chaos, hardships and joy sum up this show.

What I like about this show is that it does portray all the chaos that parents go thru in having a family. You have 7 people in a family each having a family relationship and life, but also each being an individual with their own life happening outside of the family  and trying to bring it all together as a family can be a difficulty thing to juggle and it shows all of that. You don’t walk away thinking its all joy and happiness while raising a family. There is struggle, there are trying times, there is frustration all with joy and happiness in the mix.

It can get a bit overdramatic at times and have moments where you are like really!? And one of the wives says “my love” way toooo first its sweet but after awhile you are like ugh stop it already!! Overall its a good show…I haven’t finished the last season yet, I had to walk away and do other stuff lol!! But this is a good one to start watching on a lazy laying on the couch kind of day! I give this show a thumbs up!

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