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Review by Dawn:

Holy shit this movie was awesome! I thought I wouldn’t watch this movie until it wasn’t in theaters anymore but one of our nieces really wanted to see it, so what the heck it has a cast of folks we like so on vaca we went and saw it! If you don’t know the premise its based on a true story of lifelong friends who have been playing tag since they were little boys and never stopped playing tag with each other even as they grew up and become grown men!

This movie is childish in a good way! Its so funny how these grown men will fly to where they live or have certain things going on in their lives, birth of children, funerals etc just to play tag. The purpose of the them playing is to keep each other in their lives and to keep the bond they all have.

I mean its just so absurd the lengths they will go to to play this game, getting certain jobs, dressing like old ladies, hiding in closets of friends therapy sessions..anything to pass off the tag. Lots of laughs in this movie and some heart warming friendship stuff as well!! Watch after the movie is over they show video of the real guys this movie is based on and its great!! Huge thumbs up for this flick!!

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