Review: After Life

Rob’s Review:

Can I do two thumbs up? Or two thumbs and two big toes? Caveats as follows; if you don’t like or appreciate Ricky Gervais, this show, a six episode series for now, will not appeal to you. If you love Gervais, as I do, I will be shocked if you don’t lean into this show and find yourself captivated.

Ricky is a widower who has lost all zest for life following his wife’s death by cancer. His dead wife plays a prominent role via videos she made for him before he died, but more prominent is his dog, who clearly keeps him alive as he struggles with alcohol, drug use, and suicide. Along the way, there are endless amounts of laugh-out-loud moments as Gervais’ character calls out humanity for all of its flaws, including his own. The truth is, Ricky is playing himself by another name.

The series is 6 episodes of less than 30 minutes and is perhaps the greatest 3 hours I have spent on entertainment in the 21st century. It is hilarious, depressing, satirical, real, and introspective. I truly do not understand how this show cannot touch a person. I finished it this weekend while my wife was at Army Drill and am so excited to watch it again with her. Do yourself a favor and commit the time, knowing that it’s a heavy plot with a ton of laughs.


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