You Can Be Motherly Without Being A Mom

You Can Be Motherly, Without Being A Mom

I came across an article on ETonline, the headline read, ‘Winona Ryder says she gets questioned about playing a Mom on Stranger Things, because she isn’t a Mom.’ I thought whhaaat, are you serious??!! So I read further and yep, she said reporters will ask her, ‘You don’t have kids, so how do you know how to act like a Mother?’ Are you fucking kidding me, are they for real, Jesus lord what a bunch of dumb ass reporters. Seriously that has got to be the MOST ignorant question. Do these reporters never go outside? Do they ever read? Dear god story after story is out there about women who are Moms and are HORRIBLE at it.

I’m a pretty strong woman and much doesn’t offend me, but shit like that is just offensive. Maybe it’s because I’m not a Mom yet, but I know how to be Motherly. Having children does not mean in any way shape or form you will know how to Mother that child. ANY woman who has motherly instincts will know how to Mother a child. Whether it’s an adopted child, a fostered child a Step child, your child you gave birth to or your niece, nephew or Godchild. Asking a woman how she can play a Mom when she isn’t one is like asking Mother Teresa how she managed to care for all those poor orphaned children when she was never a Mom herself…the depth of stupidity of that question that reporters are asking Winona Ryder is just mind boggling.

This is really important for all of us that are childless, you can still be Motherly. Some women just have natural instincts on how to take care of a child, I used to down play mine because I never wanted to make it sound like I knew what it was like to be a Mom. And you know what I don’t, I don’t know what it’s like to be responsible for this little being 24/7. But I do know what it’s like to be Motherly to a child, to be there to help my sisters, sister in law and friends with their kids so they can have a break, and I’ve been blessed to be able to use my motherly skills since I was 16.

The women in my family and my closest girlfriends who have birthed children have said a million times, just because someone births a child, does not mean they are a Mother, it’s how they care for their child that makes them a Mother.

Trust me I know what that yearning to care for your own child 24/7 feels like, but until that happens you can still be Motherly to the children in your life.

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