Every Parent Should Watch This Video

Holy shit!! This is AMAZING and TRUE!!! This video has about 22 million views so far on Facebook, my wish is it to have as many views as there are parents!!! Not that there aren’t parents out there that already parent like this, there are, but these days they are few and far between and we are ruining our future adults that WILL NOT BE PREPARED to continue working, running, leading our country let alone their own day to day lives.

For me personally when you don’t prepare your child to be able to function in this world, meaning you protect them from everything and do everything for them, you are no better than a parent who neglects their kids. Give and do too much for them is just as bad as doing nothing for them.

Children are precious because they are our future and we need to nurture, teach and guide and make sure they can be strong, independent, capable individuals when they are adults.

Trust me I’ve been with my close girlfriends as their kids go to college and their kids are  strong and independent and capable and my friends hearts are broken because they will miss their kiddo and where did the time go and all that stuff that makes sense that they feel that way as they watch the child they raised become an adult, but I’ve also seen their joy that their kiddo is equipped to deal and handle life because as their child grew up that child had experienced pain, sorrow, loss, frustration, doubt, insecurity, disappointment, uncertainty, etc.. all the emotions and garbage that happens just from living life, and they as the parents were there to guide them, comfort them thru it all, not do everything for them or shelter them from life.

It really is 911 time folks. This lawn mower helicopter parenting has got to end. I agree that parenting is the greatest job you will ever have, it is the most important thing you will do because you literally have the future of our existence in your hands. Screw it up and you’ve screwed the world.

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