Set your politics aside, this is just funny!!!

Oh. My. Lordy!!!! I came across this video and holy shit it’s just funny. If you have a stick up your booty and can’t put aside your Conservative and Liberal views therefore you’ve lost your ability to have fun, laugh or chuckle don’t watch this video!

The first part alone is priceless! I mean you just can’t write this shit that Trump says, seriously he is the most entertaining President of my lifetime! Sometimes he just makes me laugh in a good way with the things he says  and other times its in a bad way! This isn’t one of those, this was in a good way, I mean really I agree with the Fox News host on this one, what leader says stuff like this!!!!!

Then  you gotta stick around for the MSNBC interview with Alyssa Milano, dear God she has lost it! But pay attention to the female host on MSNBC…

Video is short but should give you a good chuckle!! Come on lighten up America!!!

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